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CC55 polo shirts

The CC55 polo shirts are manufactured in Sportwool. A functional material made of 100% extra fine merino wool on the inside and 100% polyester on the outside. This unique combination gives you a number of advantages, e.g.: moisture wicking, natural regulation of temperature, great colour stability, so your employees always look well dressed.

Compared to a cotton product, Sportwool is a relatively expensive material... but not in the long run! With Sportwool, you get value for money with regard to functionality as well as comfort and durability.




Polo shirts from CC55

Poloshirts provide a relaxed but professional expression and are therefore perfect as a professional clothing. The polo shirts from CC55 are made in Sportwool, a material that ensures high comfort - perfect for a long working day. Sportwool is a moisture wicking material with 100% extra fine merino wool on the inside and polyester on the outside. It provides high comfort while keeping a nice appearance day after day. The Sportwool polo is available in white, black, navy, blue, gray, red, olive green and light blue. There is also a Nato Sportwool polo with shoulder straps, available in black, navy, white and light blue.