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LIGHT - retail. corporate and hospitality industries

Retail, corporate and hospitality industries

MEDIUM - transport, warehouse and service industry

Transport, warehouse and service industry

HEAVY - security, fire and rescue

Security, fire and rescue



Retail, corporate and hospitality industries

LIGHT is a collection of knitwear with focus on expression and design - inspired by current fashion trends. The products are especially developed for retail, corporate and hospitality industries, e.g. receptions, trade fairs, stores, sales personnel etc.


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CC55 corporate wear

The C.C.Fifty-five collection offers corporate wear, profile clothing, profile clothes, businesswear, uniforms etc... CC55 has a wide selection of corporate wear for men and women - all in knitted qualities. The Merino Blend series is our most comprehensive range, where you will find several different variants and fits, such as a pullover, cardigan, slipover, etc. In the CC55 collections you will also find a cotton pullover and Sportwool polo shirt, long cardigans and t-shirts as base layer. CC55 also includes the Nato collection, which is a wide selection of uniforms with shoulder straps / epaulettes, as well as the Flexziple concept, where you can choose the zipper colour. Also Piece Dyed collection belongs to CC55 with pullovers and cardigans for men and women in optional colour.